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Where Health Meets Humanity

Imagine yourself as a student going through the doors of WesternU, a bright-eyed optimist, ready to change the world. Your classes combine scientific excellence and a compassionate, humanistic approach to patient care.

You graduate years later, ready to take on the world and the challenges ahead - focused on treating every patient with respect, dignity, and with individually focused care. This approach to patient care is what makes WesternU so unique.

Here, health and humanity intersect in everything we do. Humanism is present in how we teach our students, how we perform research, and it guides how we treat patients. This approach extends even further into how our graduates serve their communities.

More importantly, this humanism is present at a time when equitable health care has never been more important. Together, we can create a world in which everyone has access to critical health care.

This Giving Day, on September 6, we invite you to create this world and celebrate this intersection of health and humanity as a united community driven to make a positive impact on the world through the Humanistic health care that WesternU is known for.



The largest Giving Day goal ever.
And you can help get us there. 

Last year, you helped raise $167,952 for scholarships, investment in infrastructure and technology, and expanding services in our communities. This year, we want to go even higher, and you can help us get there!
With such an amazing alumni, faculty, and staff response during last year's Giving Day, we want to challenge the WesternU community to raise even more!  You can create transformational change that will benefit our students, and our communities - starting today!

Giving Day Goal

The Sky is the Limit!

Look what YOU made possible!




Total Donations by College
As of 9:00 am on 9/07/2022

Note: Totals are updated weekdays from 8/4 - 9/5. Totals updated hourly from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Giving Day, 9/6.

It takes a village to make transformative change. Your family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and even coworkers can be part of Giving Day and help get us to our goal!  You can help give every student the opportunity to thrive without worrying about how they are going to pay for their education. You can create a world where quality health care is accessible to everyone through your Giving Day gift. You can get your network involved, too:

Offer a Donation Challenge and Multiply Your Impact

Matching challenges are a great way to multiply your impact by using your personal or professional network, and even others in the WesternU community! Here's how:

Use Your Gift as a Giving Day Challenge Opportunity
Challenging your friends, family, coworkers, and others in the community to match your generosity is a great way to expand your impact on students and communities. For example, when you challenge others to match your donation of $1,000, you can double your impact with an additional $1,000 or more! Just use our Giving Day Toolkit below to see how you can challenge your network. 

Want to share your match on the Giving Day page? Email our Director of Advancement Communications.

Spread the Word on Social Media Using Our #GivingDay Toolkit

You can use the suggested posts below or write your own! Need images for your posts? Download images for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Students at WesternU learn to treat the entire patient in a uniquely Humanistic way. Today, I am supporting #WesternUGivingDay to ensure these students have the tools and resources they need to thrive as they become the health care professionals of tomorrow at the place where #HealthMeetsHumanity
  • This #GivingDay, I am helping humanity by donating to expand WesternU’s reach locally and abroad. Together, we can help students, patients, and communities thrive. Join me! #WesternUGivingDay
  • Everyone deserves quality and accessible health care. Join me in supporting #WesternUGivingDay to create a world where everyone can be healthy and thrive
  • WesternU's sole purpose is to help students, patients, and communities thrive while experiencing the humanistic WesternU way. Participating in #WesternUGivingDay is a great way to expand on this purpose to ensure students and communities can continue to flourish
  • Good health has never been more important. When we support #WesternUGivingDay, we contribute to the research and development that will create the treatments and cures for the ailments of today – and tomorrow, at the place where #HealthMeetsHumanity
  • People throughout our country are lacking quality health care - many from groups already disproportionately affected by systems that have been in place for decades. By supporting #WesternUGivingDay, I support the future graduates who will help our communities in need through the Humanistic health care for which WesternU is known for
  • No student should give up on a dream simply because they cannot afford to pay for a higher education. I am donating this #WesternUGivingDay to support students aspiring to become the next generation of health care professionals. 


Payroll Deduction Notice

Are you a member of staff, faculty or administration at WesternU? You can find the payroll deduction form here with instructions on how to submit.

Donation Information
$ 25.00
$ 50.00
$ 125.00
$ 500.00

The Opportunities are Truly Endless

With eight distinct colleges to choose from, your options to make an impact are plentiful. Interested in making a donation that will go to the greatest need of the University? Contact Us!

Looking to support a specific fund? Restricted funds are available. Start your search here. 


Transform lives through your generosity