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Get Involved

Wondering how to get involved?

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways for alumni like you to continue your relationship with WesternU, whether it’s staying in touch with classmates or passing on your knowledge to the next generation of students. No matter when you’re available, where you’re located, or how much time you’re able to commit, WesternU wants to help you Get Involved! Review the opportunities below.

Alumni Speaking


Join the admissions department in assisting in the interview process for prospective students and recruitment at college fairs and campus preview days.

Alumni Class Representative

Maintain communication with your classmates to encourage them to attend events, share their news, volunteer and give.

Alumni Mentor Program

Provide current students with an opportunity to network and engage with WesternU alumni.

Students walking

Event Speaker

Share your words of wisdom by becoming an alumni speaker at various events such as alumni panels and other student events.


Help encourage and solicit financial contributions from classmates and others in support of WesternU's mission.


Supervise students in your practice to teach them practical clinical skills with real patients through your advice and your example.

Volunteer Interest Form


WesternU Alumni Association Board (WUAA)

Are you interested in helping shape WesternU and the WesternU Alumni Association? Join the WesternU Alumni Association Board today! The WesternU Alumni Association Board meets biannually to discuss various topics. 

Webinar Speaker

Recently published any research, or have any exciting topics to share with the WesternU Community? Become a part of the WesternYOU Webinar Series today!

Transform lives through your generosity