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Alumni Mentor Program

AMP logoThere are many ways for alumni like you to continue your relationship with WesternU. Our goal is to connect WesternU alumni and students whether it’s staying in touch with classmates or passing on your knowledge to the next generation of students.

The WesternU Alumni Mentor Program (AMP) provides an opportunity for current students and alumni to network in a mutually rewarding relationship that is based on student academic and professional goals. Through this program, alumni will be able to provide guidance to current students by sharing their career and WesternU experiences. As an alumni mentor, you will have the opportunity to advise student(s) on career advice and professional development for the academic year.  Throughout this time period, we encourage mentors and mentees to connect at least once a month via phone, virtual meeting, or email. Mentors and mentees are welcome to connect more than once a month if they wish.

Current students and alumni do not have to be near campus to participate. Whether you are in Pomona, CA or in New York, NY, your time is valued!

Program Goals

  1. Increase engagement between WesternU alumni and current students
  2. Provide a valuable experience for alumni and students
  3. Engage colleges and campus partners to support students and alumni

Alumni Mentor Overview

This program is for alumni who:

  • Want to share their career experience and expertise
  • Are ready to give back time & talent to WesternU students
  • Want to expand their leadership and mentoring skills
  • Are interested in adding to their resume or CV
  • Make an impact on their alma mater, and to aspiring health professionals

Student Mentee Overview

This program is for current students who:

  • Want to connect with WesternU alumni about career/real-world experiences
  • Are ready to learn about the various career pathways
  • Would like to expand leadership, management, and communication skills
  • Are interested in developing new networking and collaboration opportunities

Program Timeline

Dates Event
Sept 1- Sept 30th Mentor and Mentee Application Open
October 22, 2021 Match Notification & Match Program Kickoff
October 27, 2021 Office of Alumni Relations Check-in
November 2021 Office of Alumni Relations Check-in
December 2021 Office of Alumni Relations Check-in
December 2021 AMP Winter Break Event
May 2022 End of Mentorship Program Celebration


The Alumni Mentor Program is currently in progress for the academic year 2021-2022.

WesternU Alumni Mentor Program Main Log In (Current Participants)

Mentor Application

Mentor Code: 29fbb6

Mentee Application

Mentee Code: 65d9d3

WesternU Alumni Mentor Program Handbook

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