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College of Graduate Nursing

Thank you for supporting the College of Graduate Nursing. Your gift will go directly to the fund chosen. 

College of Graduate Nursing Underrepresented Student Scholarship Fund

WesternU values having a diverse student body both to increase the diversity of the future health care workforce, as well as to prepare all our students to provide the best care for their future diverse patients. Scholarships assist the University in attracting and supporting students from groups who are currently or historically underrepresented in the WesternU student body and/or the professional workforce. While federal law prohibits the University from awarding scholarships to students from a particular racial group or gender, we can award scholarships whose aim is to generally increase the diversity of the student body. And what is considered to be underrepresented can vary from decade to decade and program to program along dimensions such as race, gender, disability, and more.

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College of Graduate Nursing Clinical Skills Support Funds

College of Graduate Nursing "Welcoming Incoming Nursing Students" Fund (CGN WINS)

The WINS fund supports our new graduate nursing students and helps them develop the professional identify of a nurse. Remember back to the moment you received your white coat from CGN and the power that the coat represents. Today, a nurse’s professional identity includes the white coat, scrubs, equipment, and more. The WINS fund covers the costs of some of these initial equipment and supply needs. Help us support all of our CGN nursing professional programs: MSN, FNP, ENP, PMHNP, and DNP.

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College of Graduate Nursing Simulation Center Support Fund

At the core of the Nursing profession is person-to-person, hands-on care. The ability to actively learn these hands-on clinical skills is made possible with the use of the amazing resources available to our student nurses in the College of Graduate Nursing Simulation Lab. The CGN Simulation Center Support Fund provides support for the ongoing equipment acquisition and upgrade needs for the clinical instruction conducted in the CGN Simulation Lab. Your gift to this fund helps our students master these crucial patient-care skills.

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College of Graduate Nursing Standardized Patient Program Fund

The college of graduate nursing’s standardized patient program is vital to educating our students. Patient-care is people-care, and the ability to utilize and apply didactic knowledge with actor patients is fundamental in preparing them to care for actual patients. The College of Graduate Nursing provide our nurses with the most realistic, live-patient care settings possible, and the use of skilled Standardized Patients is vital to this training. Your support of the CGN Standardized Patient Program Fund helps ensure that the College of Graduate Nursing is able to maintain a deep and varied pool of available standardized patients for use in our rigorous clinical training instruction.

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College of Graduate Nursing Scholarship Funds

College of Graduate Nursing Scholarship Fund

Addressing the cost of tuition and student debt are top priorities at CGN, and this fund provides direct financial support for student nurses in all of our programs by offsetting tuition costs. Your scholarship support enables our students to focus on becoming the best advanced practice nurses they can be!

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College of Graduate Nursing Recruitment Fund

In the admissions process, the battle to attract the best and brightest new students can be fierce. While our caring faculty, interprofessional education opportunities and commitment to Humanism are highly valued characteristics, a student’s decision often is most affected by cost. Recruitment scholarships can therefore be a deciding factor for the most sought-after students, who can, in the long term, help CGN attract and retain the best faculty, improve board passing rates, and increase our rankings and reputation.

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Dr. Ingrid Roberts-Terrell Memorial Scholarship Fund: Health Equity, Diversity, and Access to Care for Vulnerable Populations

Donating to the Dr. Ingrid Roberts-Terrell Scholarship Fund will fuel the financial support and opportunity for future Doctor of Nursing Practice students to achieve their dreams in nursing.

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Donny McCluskey Memorial Scholarship Fund

Donny McCluskey was extremely passionate about life, but particularly, about cycling. This scholarship acknowledges Donny's respect of education and the nursing profession along with his zeal for a healthy lifestyle. The award from this scholarship will be given to CGN students involved in community health. Priority will be given to any student who has placed an emphasis on sharing the road as a cyclist, educator, or advocate and individuals in pursuit of an active lifestyle. 

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College of Graduate Nursing Discretionary Fund

College of Graduate Nursing Sustaining Fund

This fund provides resources to advance the highest needs of the WesternU College of Graduate Nursing (CGN). For example, this fund can help to develop creative new educational programming in advanced practice nursing, enhance support for student scholarships, or enable the College to react to an unexpected equipment or material need as well. Help CGN continue to grow and innovate!

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