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College of Veterinary Medicine

Giving Opportunities

College of Veterinary Medicine Sustaining Fund

This fund helps advance the highest needs of the college while also providing resources to react to unexpected opportunities. This fund enhances student scholarship support, student travel to conventions and diversity conferences, selected faculty travel and continuing education beyond the normal stipend they receive.

This fund also provides support toward community and college growth activities that include our Open House event, which annually introduces thousands of children in the Inland Empire area to the possibilities of their own future in veterinary medicine. In the area of enhancing the college environment, we are able to invest in upgrading online resources, have purchased new laparoscopic equipment for student and post graduate training, and have obtained novel teaching models.

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College of Veterinary Medicine General Scholarship Fund

You can also give to support student scholarships directly. The cost of tuition and student debt remain a top priority for the college and the profession to address. Your direct support of student scholarships allows us to help offset some of that debt and provides our students with increased opportunities for focused areas of study. You can give to the general scholarship fund, or set specific criteria for areas of veterinary medicine as you like. Scholarships can be year to year or at the $20,000+ level can be permanently endowed to provide ongoing perpetual support.

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Faculty and Student Research

Scholarly research not only helps to advance our scientific knowledge but also helps to train the next generation of compassionate healers in the areas of inquiry and discovery.  Many cutting edge treatments and therapy’s for human medicine begin with efforts in the animal fields. You can help support specific areas of research, certain faculty or general research opportunities overall at the college.

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Pet Memorial

The death of a pet is a significant event for everyone involved. The void created by such a loss stimulates memories of fulfillment, trust, respect, joy and friendship that developed over a lifetime of companionship.

We understand that these are difficult times. Many choose to seek opportunities to enhance the meaning of their loss by memorializing such an important relationship.

This is why the Pet Memorial Program was developed. The Pet Memorial Program provides an opportunity for guardians and friends to support the education of the next generation of compassionate, skilled veterinary healers while memorializing the relationship that existed with cherished pets.

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Dr. Phillip and Doris Nelson Endowed Scholarship

After over 15 years as the second Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Phillip D. Nelson is stepping down as Dean in September 2022. The Dr. Phillip and Doris Nelson Endowed Scholarship has been created to support CVM students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and groups that are currently or historically underrepresented in the overall veterinary profession. Over time it is hoped that the demographics of the recipients will represent a rainbow of racial diversity.

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