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Give to the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Enrichment Fund

In support of the mission of the Council of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at COMP and COMP-Northwest, this fund promotes initiatives and programs that “create and sustain an environment of belonging that supports opportunities for everyone to thrive.” The council seeks to enhance the college’s diversity through recruiting, training and employing an array of students and employees who champion the inclusion and development of unique qualities in each member of the COMP/COMP-NW community. The council aims to develop programs that prioritize equity and inclusion, celebrate commonalities and differences and build bridges and allyships.

In order to better reflect the rich diversity of our nation, the COMP DEI program is committed to providing a culturally sensitive, inclusive and robust curriculum that teaches our students and clinicians about barriers to accessing healthcare, and cohort-specific differences in care to better prepare them to provide competent and informed care to historically marginalized groups.

DIVERSITY TALKS is a Lecture Series designed to empower members of the WesternU COMP & COMP-Northwest community to become active agents of diversity, equity, and inclusion especially in the field of healthcare. The series provides a venue for faculty, staff, and students to deepen and widen their knowledge and awareness of issues and opportunities to eliminate disparities in health care outcomes for marginalized groups in the US. The goal of this lecture series is to motivate our University community to examine outside perspectives, empower critical thinking and promote equitable and fair healthcare outcomes for all. Speakers are chosen to offer platforms for learning and discussion on contemporary topics relative to healthcare disparities and to share their learned perspectives to help us deepen our knowledge and develop skills to break the cycle of privilege, oppression, and strengthens all to become anti-racist. We are in need of funding for the speakers and also possible recognition for specific awardees.

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