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Haikui Parsamyan, PharmD ’10


Haikui Parsamyan, PharmD '10Since graduating, Haikui Parsamyan, PharmD ’10, has maintained a strong relationship with WesternU and the College of Pharmacy. In addition to regularly attending events, such as College-sponsored continuing education workshops and the College’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, she has made it a priority to support WesternU by making regular financial donations to the University, starting with her first gift of $25 less than a year after graduating. 

Dr. Parsamyan says, “The University has given so much to me in terms of education. Anytime I need help with business or to further my knowledge, they have all the resources ready for me. I want to continue to support my school because WesternU has the power to develop the next generation of compassionate and knowledgeable pharmacists.”

In addition to sharing her treasure with WesternU, Dr. Parsamyan also shares her time and talent as a preceptor for current pharmacy students. “My involvement has changed with WesternU over the years. Before, I had limited time with students because I worked with other pharmacies. Now that I own my pharmacy, I have the pleasure of being a preceptor for them for the entire duration of the rotation… So now I have the opportunity to teach them everything I learned while I continue to learn more and more from the students.”

Not surprisingly, more than just the University benefits from Dr. Parsamyan’s generosity. She hosts community outreach presentations every other month to teach people about such things as disease states and how to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and diabetes. Many of these presentations are held in her pharmacy or in local senior communities. 

WesternU and the College of Pharmacy are grateful to Dr. Parsamyan for being the embodiment of the University’s mission and spirit. The example she sets is helping propel WesternU to new heights.

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