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Establish a Named Scholarship

Donors can establish a new scholarship in their own (or another) name. The donor may set the number and value of the scholarship’s awards, as well as impose certain restrictions (criteria) to identify the type of student that can receive their scholarship, such as by college, program, year in school, and GPA.

  • Annual Scholarships can be started with a minimum donation of $1,000/year, and the full value of the donated funds will be awarded each year.
  • Endowed Scholarships can be started with a minimum donation of $20,000, which can be paid over five years. That money is invested by the University to grow over time. Current policy states that endowment funds payout 5% of the 3-year trailing average of their market value, such that a $20,000 endowment generates $1,000/year in earnings to fund a scholarship in perpetuity.

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To get started with or learn more about establishing a named scholarship, please complete the interest form by clicking on the button below.

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