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Jayzona Alberto, MSHS ’13, and Helen Musharbash, MSHS ’12


Jayzona Alberto, MSHS '13Two graduates of the Master of Science in Health Sciences program, part of the College of Health Sciences, established the MSHS Alumni Scholarship Award to encourage MSHS students to participate in University activities and assume leadership responsibilities.

Jayzona Alberto, EdD, MSHS ’13, and Helen Musharbash, MSHS ’12, both worked at WesternU while completing the MSHS program. That helped them get more plugged in to campus life, Alberto said. MSHS classes are held in the evening, so students have fewer opportunities to participate in campus activities and work interprofessionally with students from other programs. Among the scholarship criteria is demonstration of leadership skills, interprofessionalism and involvement during their time in the MSHS program.

Helen Musharbash, MSHS '12“Because I worked on campus as a student and Helen did too, it was easier for us to get involved. We were already on campus. We naturally stepped into those leadership roles,” said Alberto, who served as a Student Government Association (SGA) class representative and alumni representative. “I felt like my career was shaped through those interactions when I was doing things outside of being a student. I was getting involved in health fairs and SGA and getting to meet other students and working with them interprofessionally.

“I want MSHS students to get involved and take advantage of those learning opportunities outside the classroom while also applying those lessons inside the classroom,” she added. “We want to encourage MSHS students to have leadership roles at WesternU.”

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